Meeting, General

 Meet your State Reprensative From an email forwarded to me today. Thanks to John Wotowicz for getting the word out.

Dear Friends,

This Saturday (March 31st), Jim White is graciously hosting a public reception (complete with barbeque!) in Marfa for our newly elected U.S. Representative, Ciro Rodriguez. State Representative Pete Gallego will also be in attendance. The reception will be held at 5pm at the ballfield near the golf course and bull pens.

This event provides those who have not met Congressman Rodriguez and Representative Gallego a chance to do so. It also may provide a chance to hear their thoughts and to calmly and respectfully share our thoughts on La Entrada Al Pacifico.

Please pass this invitation on to your friends and please do not hesitate to contact me via email at if you have any questions or need any additional information.

All the best,

John Wotowicz


4 responses to “Meeting, General

  1. This evening at the ballfield allowed us the opportunity meet our U.S. Representative Ciro Rodriquez, and discuss issues of importance, with him and his local representative, Cesar Blanco of Alpine. Cesar, prepare to get very busy.
    Thank’s to Jim White and his family and friends for serving up some delicious food. Danny Dominguez, again out did himself with the smoked brisket.
    After a heartfelt introduction by State Representative, Pete Gallego, Rep. Rodriguez, shared with us what has occured in Congress the last 3 months.
    At the start of the Q&A John Wotowicz, Marfa asked Ciro about the main topic, La Entrada, and proceeded succinctly and accurately to express the environmental concerns of the region and the use of the South Orient Railroad, to offset the anticapated truck traffic.
    I was somewhat surprised that Ciro was caught completely flat footed of this issue, but I respected the fact that he had the honesty to admit it. We will inform him and Cesar Blanco of the facts that we are aware of, day after tomorrow.
    Dallas Baxter, of Alpine emphatically described to Ciro what this land means to us. Dallas impassionedly let Representative Rodriguez know how important it is to the people to preserve this place. I think he got it. Thank you Dallas and bless your heart.
    With Cathedral Mountain cleary visible behind Ciro, Bob Schwab, Marfa, eleoquently described the importance of fuel efficient, safe transport of freight. Bob made a point of thanking Rep. Rodgriuez for his party’s effort to allow negotiating fair pharmaceutical prices, in lieu of allowing the pharmacutical industry to gouge the consumer.
    We need to help our newly elected U.S. representative, Ciro Rodriguez get up to speed with La Entrada al Pacifico issues and the facts as we know them to be. For the love of this country and its people, we all have much work to do.
    All in all, a very good turn out Alpine/Ft.Davis/Marfa. I met many good people. Proud to be a part of it all.

  2. TxDot representatives from the El Paso district will discuss past, present and future projects in the tri-county area at a public hearing April 17, 6:30pm in the Casner Room in Marfa. Read full article from Big Bend Sentinel
    Please attend if you can.

  3. Pamela James Ancell

    Do we have some high level railroad connections here in West Texas?..Would they be interested in this new addition to their routes? Union Pacific already has routes east and west and again up to the Midland/Odessa area.
    Perhaps we could invite “Texas Monthly” to write an article about our battle, if it’s been done before an updated version. I believe our area has been written about in the “New York Times”. Do we have some attorneys interested in getting involved. Perhaps, the old fashion demonstration by concerned citizens is in order, we need all the attention we can get. Dan Rather is a West Texas Lover? Don’t want to seem too radical, but what the heck!

  4. Pamela, thanks for your suggestions. The current capacity of the Union Pacific line that parallels Hwy 90 through Valentine, Marfa, and Alpine is near full capacity. Most of the trains carry double stack, container cars, packed full of goods from Asia, bound for Houston to be distributed to the central or eastern part of the country and some cases continue on to Eropean markets.
    It is important to note that UP owns 27% of Ferromex which is the parent company of the current lease holder of the South Orient railroad line, Texas Pacifico Transportation.
    Stay tuned for an annoucement of a community railroad meeting to be held either in Marfa or Presidio. The goal of the community meeting will be to inform the citizens of the region with facts of the South Orient railroad.
    Also , Texas Monthly, and other publications are definitely aware our concerns regarding the impacts of La Entrada, and will most certainly cover this very important issue in the near future.
    Thanks again, and sorry for the slow response. (tax time) BTW, too radical is ok, in my opinion.

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