La Entrada in the News

It is not worthy economic development that sacrifices one economy for another. Proponents of La Entrada like to point out that expanded roads mean a benefit to tourism. This argument is a red herring. Most tourists that I talk to, come to the Big Bend Region to get away from the multi-lane highways and to experiance the vast remoteness.

This more big roads for tourism attitude is brought up again in a recent article. State Sen. Kel Seliger, R. Amarillo, representing Midland and Odessa states that “this type of economic development is not inconsistent with tourism because transportation benefits all forms of growth” in a Midland Reporter- Telegram article of April 15, 2007.

There is more coverage in the Odessa American that features interviews with local residents of Marfa and Alpine.


3 responses to “La Entrada in the News

  1. Don Dowdey for the record:

    Folks — Less than a week after printing scurrilous charges against
    the big Bend Regional Sierra Club without contacting us for comment,
    today the Midland Reporter Telegram published a mangled version of my
    comments during a phone interview — which I had negotiated with their
    editor (along with an op-ed piece they said they would print today but
    didn’t) as a way of dealing with the earlier article. I have been
    quoted in lots of papers throughout the years, but I don’t recall any being so inaccurate.
    For the record, far from saying I thought there would only be 400
    trucks a day along La Entrada, I quoted a specific article published
    in /Tierra Grande/, published by the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M
    University, quoting the director of highway planning for the Mexican
    state of Chihuahua as saying “that in ten years 4,000 trucks per day
    could be using the La Entrada al Pacifico route.” Likewise, far from
    saying that I was “lobbying for a route through Candelaria”, I told
    that him that the four county judges had purposed such a route, and
    pointed him to the Big Bend Sentential website for more information.
    Finally, I talked about using rail instead of trucks a great deal, and
    that is not mentioned at all.
    Given the above, it nearly seems like nit-picking to point out that he
    misspelled my name.
    Don Dowdey

  2. For everyones information there is a pretty good article in todays (04/23) Ft Worth Star Telegram about La Entrada. Check it out.

  3. Thanks for the heads up Kerr. Here is the article:

    In the article, John McCray, an asscociate professor of stratigic at the University of Texas, San Antonio, says “La Entrada is promoted on a false premise.”

    McCray speaks with 20 years experience in trade studies of China and Mexico.

    He goes on to say that Midland/Odessa will most likely be passed up or “By Passed” by trucks headed to Dallas/Ft. Worth.

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