TxDot Public Hearing, Marfa

On Tuesday evening 4/17/07 at the Marfa City Hall Casner Room, TxDot held a public hearing to discuss the District Rural Transportation Improvement Program and the Unified Transportation Program. Chuck Berry with TxDot introduced the goals of current and future improvements, followed by Chris Webber who presented a powerpoint presentation of area project updates and local issues.

At numerous times during the hearing TxDot emphasized that road improvements were only funded and executed unless there was a need due to traffic surveys, accident history and other safety needs. Charles Perry stated “There’s not enough money to be proactive.” Megan Wilde with the Big Bend Sentinel has written a detailed coverage of the meeting.

At the hearing, a map was on display showing the traffic activity on various roads in the tri-county area. Celcia Salazar with TxDot, was kind enough to email the file that contains the traffic density information.

TxDot representative, Julie Pollard, Transportation Planning and Programming, emailed me a 2005-truck.pdf  which indicates Annual Average Daily Truck Traffic (AADT) for Highway 67 above Presidio at 59 per day.

TxDot representative Charles Perry reported that the Fabens TX Port of Entry has received the required Presidential Permit Application and the Environmental Impact Study has been completed. Construction is pending.


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