Jeff Davis County Commissioners Court Resolution

The Commissioners Court of Jeff Davis County has issued a resolution, dated and signed April 10, 2007  jeff-davis-county-comm.pdf opposing the La Entrada al Pacifico. The resolution lists in detail potential impacts for Ft. Davis and the surrounding area.


7 responses to “Jeff Davis County Commissioners Court Resolution

  1. Thank you, Commissioners!

  2. In addition to the following resolution, a petition against La Entrada is available for all Jeff Davis County Residents to sign.

    I believe the Marfa Chamber has a resolution against La Entrada as well. Big Bend (and the surrounding areas) air quality is at stake. With tourism as the area’s #1 economic factor we must protect it. Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, Davis Mountains State Park, Fort Davis National Historic Site, Balmorhea State Park and McDonald Observatory, (our main attractions) will suffer greatly from air & light pollution that is inevitable with increased truck traffic. Fort Davis has seen a steady increase of truck traffic already. Anyone that can read a map sees the straightest route as being Presidio to Marfa, Fort Davis & Balmorhea to I-10.
    Thanks to everyone who is standing up to make a difference.
    There are currently 2 LEAP meetings scheduled for next week. One in Odessa and one in Alpine.
    Please continue to send letters.

    Resolution of the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce
    In opposition of La Entrada al Pacifico

    1. Fort Davis is a majestic, unique and an unspoiled mountainous area.

    2. Our major economic factor is tourism.

    3. All of the major attractions and merchants are located on the highways in which trucks will travel.

    4. Truck traffic would impair the ability of tourists and locals to get to and from the merchants & attractions.

    5. Fort Davis schools are located on the same highways the trucks would be using.

    6. Trucks are a danger to our school aged children who often walk to and from school as well as during their lunch hour on these same roads.

    7. The trucks are most likely to take the shortest route, which is up through Fort Davis & Balmorhea to Highway I-10.

    8. Pollution from the trucks will ultimately affect our air quality.

    9. Truck pollution would have detrimental effects on McDonald Observatory and the VBLA viewing capabilities.

    10. Light pollution from the truck traffic would inhibit the quality of night viewing at McDonald Observatory.

    11. The increased traffic would increase accidents in our community.

    12. . Highway 17 coming in from Marfa and 118 heading to Davis Mountain State Park and the Observatory are designated wildlife viewing areas.

    13. Highway 118 coming in from Alpine through town and highway 17 to Balmorhea are historic highways.

    14. The impact of more truck traffic through Fort Davis would have an exceptionally negative impact on tourism to our area and therefore our future.
    Therefore Be It Resolved that:
    1. The Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce is completely against any truck traffic La Entrada will bring through the Big Bend area.

    2. Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce will support any transportation of goods via train to the east and an alternative truck or train route to the west.
    Page 1

    Resolution of the Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce
    In opposition of La Entrada al Pacifico, Continued

    3. Fort Davis Chamber of Commerce will actively voice its opposition to all transportation officials in Austin and Washington as well as state & federal legislators.

    4. We will also encourage citizens & visitors of Fort Davis to write letters stating their opposition to La Entrada

    5. We will notify the public and our members of our resolution.

    6. We will start a petition open to the public to collect signatures against La Entrada, which will also be sent to the legislators & transportation officials.

    7. We will do our best to keep the public informed of La Entrada issues.

    8. We will encourage surrounding communities to actively oppose La Entrada.

    Dated this 29th day of May 2007

  3. Lisa, thanks for the heads up. Marfa and Fort Davis are in the “straightest shot the interstate” route for any truck crossing through the Presidio Port of Entry. Shipping utilizing the South Orient railroad line would help to offset the potential truck traffic through Marfa, Alpine and Ft. Davis.
    It is interesting to note that any increase in truck traffic north through the Presidio PoE would have to originate from industry in Mexico that would be heading east, otherwise they would enter at Cuidad Juarez/El Paso.
    Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

  4. The Midland State Representative, who’s name I’ve missed placed (someone must know his name, if you know please post it) The guy who worked with Bush Junior in the Midland Oil days as the finance man. The Christian guy, the family values guy…anyway go to his website it tells you what a really swell guy he is…he is the fella that’s backing up the rich guys in Midland that will get richer along with him. We need to hold this guy accountable for supporting the ruin of the most beautiful remaining area in Texas.. Can we go after this person?

  5. Hi again, Gary Oliver told me that there are tunnels between Paisano Pass Rail split down to OJ. That the tall freight trains can’t go through them. I can’t imagine where those areas with tunnels would be. If there really aren’t any , why couldn’t we present the idea to have Union Pacific cover that run?

  6. Pamela, thanks for your comments.
    In my opinion we bloggers should “go after” the facts, and reframe from personal attacks. Let the authorities pursue and prosecute those that have broken the law.
    About the tunnels: I know of no tunnels on the South Orient, though I’ve not taken a ride on it yet.
    Gary Oliver may have been referring to the Copper Canyon Ferromex line (which connects to the South Orient Line), that has numerous tunnels, and bridges that currently lack the headroom to allow the double-stacking of containers, which is standard on the mainlines here in the states.
    Should you discover any conflicts of interest in your research, we should reference sources of that information as much as possible. Thanks again for weighing in.

  7. Personal attack? I was relaying what is listed on on the representatives personal webpage. What about the potential for corruption? Food for thought? What other than money would make someone help destroy this final frontier of Texas?
    Regarding the trucks, they could travel as far as OJ and then the freight transfered to the rail line at a port of entry at Presidio/OJ and make the trip north.
    Please tell me if you know what is being said about protecting the US from the transportation of weapons and terrorists via La Entrada? The war on terror 9/11 started after this agreement?
    Shouldn’t this be the biggest reason for the cancellation of this deal, not just the “Mess with Texas” concern, but of national concern?

    Should we stay so pleasant, just to watch as our country is trashed?

    Thanks for the opportunity to express my concerns here, Because, I am not one to follow
    the rules of engagement.. I rest!

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