Meet in Alpine to Write Letters

Susan Curry of Alpine writes:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
> On Saturday afternoon, June 9 from 3-5 pm, the Stewards of the Big
> Bend and The Bread and Breakfast will host an information and letter
> writing meeting at the Bread and Breakfast, 113 W. Holland Avenue in
> Alpine concerning the current status of long haul trucks coming
> through our Big Bend communities. Please join us and tell your friends
> and neighbors to join us. Attached is a no-trucks-meeting-flyer-2.doc that I hope you will help us distribute.
> Please forward this to everyone you think will be able to help this
> very important cause. Many thanks!
>> YOUR HELP IS NEEDED – let your voice be heard – WE CAN MAKE A


8 responses to “Meet in Alpine to Write Letters

  1. Wow cant beleive this could be even considerd
    with the problems we are having with Immagration and Polution, Heavy Traffic. If
    you have ever been there you could clearly see
    it would harm more than do good. We would need more state funding for all the new medical
    problems that come with more traffic flow. It
    is a very uniuqe place we have down there. Have
    ridden my bicycle all over that area it is one of
    beautyfull places. I am talking all the way from
    Midland Tx to Presideo to Big Bend and back.
    And on many occasions all thru the park itself.
    Road expandsion would be enormous to fit all
    these trucks to make a safe passage for all. I
    personally do no like even the thought of this.
    Most people that go there like it for reasons
    within themeselfs that woud DEFINITLY change. Have also hiked that area for 7 years now.


  3. Fred, thanks for weighing in. Are you from Midland? Regardless, let all your friends that appreciate this beautiful area know about what MOTRAN would like to build through this area. The MOTRAN members claim that larger roads will allow more tourist into the Big Bend area to enjoy the recreational opportunities. This logic flies in the face of the very reason people, as yourself come to this region. People come here for the remoteness, far off the beaten track and the whine of truck traffic. We are even off the commercial airline flyways, by note of lack of contrails in the skys.
    The bicycling experience, with trucks whizzing by, would not only degrade the experience but compromise the air quality and haze over the long distant views we all love so much.
    Thanks again, Fred and spread the word. Also a local chapter of concerned citizens in Midland, if that is where you reside, would be very beneficial in spreading the word.

  4. ~Please help spread the word about the Texas Driver Responsibility Surcharge Program Petition!

    Many Thanks~
    Tamara S.

  5. To whom it may concern:
    My name is Tamara Shippy. I am a 22 year old Pre-Law student working on a

    degree in Political Science. After an unfair experience with the Tx Driver

    Responsibility Program, I have dedicated many months of my time to prepare

    a report of sorts on the DRP.

    What I have discovered is that the entire fate of Texas is connected to

    the role that the Surcharge Program. This is because the money from the

    unconstitutional program is earmarked for the Tran-Texas Corridor, which

    is a strategic segment of what is to become a super corridor that spans

    the entire North American Continent.

    I am hoping to educate the public of this extremely unconstitutional law.

    The state is suspending people’s license over not paying an excessive

    surcharge fee that is in addition to what you agree to in court. What’s

    more, is the money is going to pay for the Corridor projects, without

    consent or knowledge or the People or Congress! I believe that spreading

    the word would enable individuals to better deal with the negative effects

    that the TX DRP has had on their lives, as well as have a say in their own


    Please help me in getting the word out! Thank you very much for your time

    and effort!!

    TX DRP Surcharge Petition


  6. Tamara,

    Finally, someone who thinks I’m not joking about this double-jeopardy-slid-by-the-voters
    “surcharge”. I started out to give my support to and found you. My voter reg # is 19800, Brewster Co. Let’s talk.

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