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The Big Bend Sentinel, again has done an excellent job of reporting the facts. The latest edition contains insightful articles by Fran Sage, a Guest Commentary by Mary Bell Lockhhart, Mr. NIMBY himself, Jack McNamara, and my local heroine, Sterry Butcher.

The articles are available on the Big Bend Sentinel website and on this blog.

Fran Sage has forward the attached june-28-2007-la-entrada-al-pacifico-or.doc on the latest of La Entrada featured in the Sentinel.

Mary Bell Lockhart of Alpine, has also contributed her opinion: mbh-letter-la-entrada.doc


6 responses to “The Latest News

  1. Kerr Mitchell

    July 2, 2007 I had a letter from Pete Gallego regarding La Endrada. I was in hopes he was on our side but now I am not sure. I quote the following from his letter – “Although most West Texas cities along the La Entrada route view its Department of Transportation (TxDOT) must create alternative routes around Marfa and Alpine.”

    It is my opinion that neither Marfa and Alpine care to have La Entrada – period. I was surprised that he is not as well.

    Kerr Mitchell

  2. Kerr Mitchell

    The above is incomplete. Part was deleted when I sent it. Sorry. His quote is corredted as follows: “Although most West Texas cities along the La Emtrada routeview its development favourably, Marfa, Alpine, and Fort Davis understandably do not. These cities have not bypasses, so truch traffic travels directly thru the down centers. My position has always been that the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) must create alternative routes around Marfa and Alpine.”

    Sorry for the mess up.


  3. Kerr, thanks for your comments. What I have been looking for is the truck traffic numbers that would justify the proposed trade route including bypasses. To request an average daily truck traffic count go to

  4. Where is the action West Texas, wish i was there to stir some things up. I am far far away from home, looking for this site to provide some more updates…but what is going on, time is precious, and it is passing…get busy!

  5. I am an English artist, I visited Marfa last November. Brilliant experience. This area is incredible. Looking at the google map link for La Entrada, it says estimated ‘2,500 trucks a day through Marfa by 2015’ . The only thought that came was, this will kill Marfa, it’s that simple. How tragic. I will write to your senators. Wish I could do more but I’m 5,000 miles away. Good Luck :-)

  6. Loraine,
    There is much you can do by spreading the word to family and friends and writing letters. Since we are a tourist economy, there are many who travel the Big Bend area that do not know what is at stake.
    Check out this website. We are one of the darkest corners of the night sky. We must fight to preserve this. Thanks for voicing your opinion.
    Come back soon for a visit.

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