Tragic Truck Accident

Dear Susan,

This past July 20th, my cousin was killed in Sweetwater, Texas.  A 18-wheeler, driven by an illegal alien ran a stop sign and hit my cousin’s truck.  Darren Stevens was 42, left behind  two teenage sons and a wife.  He was the owner/operator of the Sweetwater Livestock Auction.  I have never seen a more largely attended funeral.

As law enforcement and medics were trying to get Darren out, as he was not instantly killed, the truck driver disappeared.  His truck trailer had overturned and was not operable.  This accident happened near a truck stop and I am assuming he probably caught a ride.   He has not been found yet.  His wife is in El Paso, but he has not shown up there.  I am sure he is in Mexico.   I understand that the truck came from Laredo.  I do not know the name of the company or if it was a Mexican truck.  I will learn more of the details later; as the family is still in shock and grieving and not discussing this right now.

Trucks are dangerous enough without having someone who may not be familar with our traffic laws or highway intersections.

I don’t know if this story can be used for any purpose.  I just wanted you to know my family has been greatly affected by this totally avoidable accident.

Thank you,

Patricia Reid

Alpine, Texas


2 responses to “Tragic Truck Accident

  1. The intersection right next to the TA truck stop has signs under the stop signs that clearly state that cross traffic does not stop. The driver of the car did not read this sign and pulled out in front of a big truck that had no stop sign. I wish that people would read those signs as many accidents have been caused at that intersection and it is very dangerous for all of us.

  2. Keith, thanks for providing more detail about this intersection. Sounds like TxDot should re-evaluate the intersection to determine the need for a 4-way stop sign intersection.

    Any updates on the driver of the truck? Was he ever found?

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