Letter Writing

“Big Bend Letters” project forms to oppose La Entrada Al Pacifico

The mission of the Big Bend Letters project is to raise awareness across Texas of the La Entrada Al Pacifico plan, by facilitating letter writing from residents and friends of the Big Bend to La Entrada Al Pacifico decision makers and other concerned parties.

The Big Bend Letters project is seeking residents and friends of the Big Bend who would like to participate in an ongoing effort to raise awareness across Texas of the proposed La Entrada Al Pacifico truck route. The contacts for the project are: bigbendletters@yahoo.com or 432/837-9087.

The project, intended to coordinate with other groups opposing La Entrada, will create three volunteer letter writing groups to reach out across Texas. The groups will concentrate on contacting legislators and state agencies, statewide interest groups that frequent the Big Bend (hunters, birders, bikers, etc.), and statewide media, respectively.

Big Bend Letters is designed to avoid time consuming meetings and let writers work on their own schedule. The goal of the project is to cut through the red tape and let the unique voices of residents and friends of the Big Bend speak on the region’s behalf. Coordinating those voices can ensure that decision makers and others hear them loud and clear, and the research component will help educate Texans about La Entrada and the issues that surround it.

Each group will be composed of overall coordinators, several researchers, and numerous writers. Coordinators and researchers will identify letter recipients, and relay that information by email or phone to the writers on a regular basis, who will then write and send their letters. Writers may also receive talking points for their correspondence if desired.

This organizational model offers volunteers a convenient, high-impact way to oppose La Entrada based on their personal schedule, without the need for time consuming meetings. It can also accommodate as many volunteers as would like to sign up. The numbers of folks involved will matter, as the point of the loose organization is to let a lot of folks each contribute a little bit. This will help inform lots of friends and neighbors indirectly, and should keep the organizational burden from falling unevenly to a few folks.


The tasks of each group will include:

Writers: Write and send at least one letter per week


Researchers: Identify key players in each group’s field, their contact info and role in LEAP

Assist Coordinators in passing out contact info to writers

Keep information current; Keep volunteers’ information current


Coordinators: Coordinate overall group functions

Mentor and assist writers as needed

Work with researchers and others on research strategies

Coordinate regularly with the other writing groups and LEAP opponents

Collect copies of letters for archival purposes if possible


It is essential that residents of the Big Bend create an ongoing means of informing the rest of the state about the Motran/Txdot plan for La Entrada Al Pacifico, enlist the aid of as many Texas residents as possible to oppose the Motran/Txdot plan, and take action to implement better alternatives.

Anyone interested in participating in the Big Bend Letters project should contact bigbendletters@yahoo.com or call 432/837-9087.


6 responses to “Letter Writing

  1. this sounds like a great project to me. i will definitely volunteer to write some letters!

  2. I am moving to Marfa soon and do not want my paradise destroyed by greed! Let me know please how I can help. I have been trying to contact people about this but have had no luck.

    Best wishes, and I hope to hear from someone on how I can get involved in a postive way,

    Roger Stephens

  3. Roger,
    First of all, let me welcome you to the Marfa and the most beautiful part of the country. Also thanks for weighing in with your comments.
    By participating in the blog, you have already started to make a difference in this very important cause. To make a difference we need people in possesion of the facts with regards to the freight demands that would justify such an expensive trade route through our area.
    Expense should be defined as not only tax payers money, but also to the potential damage to a natural setting so rare and beautiful that people from all over make the difficult journey to visit this region each year.
    Most importantly we owe it to those before us and those after us to protect and preserve this land, which for many is the last frontier.
    We need to take our state and congressional representatives to task with this unjustified tax payer’s expense, that really benefit only foriegn shippers.
    Roger, a letter to any of the representatives noted on the Act Now part of this site mentioning some of these points is a great help.
    Thanks again, for weighing, and welcome to the Big Bend

  4. Some friends of mine and I had similar ideas and would definitely like to assist and coordinate. there are about 5 or 6 of us. check out our board.

  5. There is a brand new website publishaletter.com that allows one to submit letters to the editors of virtually all the English language newspapers (and select magazines) in the US. One can also publish those letters on the site itself. While the site does not welcome prefabricated “form” letters, it can be an important avenue for the supporters of your cause to have their thoughtful voices heard and shared.

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