Mexican Truck Pilot Program

Today is when Mexican trucks under a “Pilot Program” will be allowed to travel beyond the 20 mile limit of the border. Refer to the Land Line Magazine for details. It remains to be seen whether Mexican trucks will adhere to our safety standards. Will the Mexican trucking companies carry adequate insurance? What will the US safety inspectors be checking when these trucks cross the border?


4 responses to “Mexican Truck Pilot Program

  1. Border protests at San Diego and Laredo.

  2. Lack of accurate safety accountability of Mexican trucks and drivers discussed in latest article from Land Line Magazine.

  3. We hope you have already heard about THE Impact Project’s upcoming conference on the health and community impacts of ports and goods movements. “Moving Forward” will be held Friday Nov. 30 to Sat. Dec. 1, 2007 at the Carson Community Center. Registration on-line is now available at

  4. It appears that Mexican truckers oppose allowing US truckers in Mexico. Check out the latest article from Land Line Magazine.

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