Time to Write More Letters

Below are sample letters we’ll be using for the Stop La Entrada letter-writing parties this Saturday in Alpine. There are also bullet points if anyone would like to write their own letter.
Send in your favorite, or all of them, or cut and paste any or all of it to customize your letter. Please also be sure and put a return address on the letter or the envelope. We’re encouraging letters rather than email because letters can’t be deleted!

The more folks from outside the Big Bend that send in letters, the more seriously they’ll take the idea of keeping La Entrada Al Pacifico out of here.

There are two choices for turning in the letters:
If you’d like them to be presented at the TXDOT La Entrada public meeting in Alpine on Feb. 19th, along with the letters from the parties on Saturday, send them to:
Pete Smyke; 303 N. 1st St.; Alpine, TX 79830.
If you’d like to send your letter directly to TXDOT’s executive director, just use this address, which is also on the letters:

Amadeo Saenz Jr., P. E. ; Executive Director; Texas Department of Transportation; 125 East 11th Street ; Austin, Texas 78701







One response to “Time to Write More Letters

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