The “No Build Option”

 Last week Brian Swindell, with HDR Consultants recommended a “no build option” based on current and projected freight traffic at the Presidio Port of Entry. The numbers are based on a formula considering various scenarios of traffic originating from a future deep water port at Topolabampo, Mexico and the Chihuahua maquiladora industry. The maximum projected  number of 729 trucks crossing daily through the Presidio PoE by 2030 does not warrant the expense of an expanded 4 lane trade corridor. PERIOD. DONE…..No we’re not done yet. TxDot and HDR are continuing to investigate alternate reliever routes. What is the point with that, when projected freight volume is not there?
So why does the study continue? Marfa’s, John Wotowicz has presented a clear-succinct-presentation.pdf of where we are, with this scam. It has to stop now, before more tax payers money is spent, and lastly, take down the La Entrada trade corridor signs along our highways.


6 responses to “The “No Build Option”

  1. The fact that there have been no postings to any of these blogs concerns me greatly. Those of you in the Big Bend/Davis Mt. region can’t fight this all by yourselves. We must all do what is necessary to involve the thousands of people all over the State who love the are and do not wish to see it destroyed. I will certainly do my part by contacting North Dallas politicos.

  2. Robert, thanks for chiming in. You are right to be concerned. The MOTRAN boys will not go away quietly, so we need to keep up the talk and spread the word. Many people from the big city, love to come out to enjoy the Big Bend and they don’t want to experiance it from four lane divided highway. Thanks again and spread the word up in Dallas.

  3. I’ve been listening to all the talk about MOTRAN, etc. and obviously don’t want more trucks, trains, etc. ruining our beautiful West Texas. I confess it wasn’t until listening to the last recorded meeting in Midland that I realized that MOTRAN is just a group of “big business” men! It sounds so “government” that I didn’t think the little people could fight it. I’m ready to do what I can… I’ve already sent letters to all listed on this website and received responses. Keep up the good work.

  4. B, Thanks for your comment. You are correct, MOTRAN is not a government organization but these businessmen have strong ties to government. This influence has kept La Entrada al Pacifico alive for years, despite the facts of current and projected freight volumes. TxDot has carefully worked with a consulting group, HDR to determine the freight volumes as far out as 2030, and numbers are just not there for the building of a trade corridor. Yet the studies continue and this group of Midland business continue to be the cause of wasted tax money with ongoing research. Thanks you for writing letters. Please urge your friends to write also. Stop the abuse of tax money funding research, for this flawed plan.

  5. I recently visited the Marfa area and wrote a blog on La Entrada. I’m very interested in the discussion going on.

  6. Maira, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have joined your blog. MOTRAN continues to make false claims of freight traffic to keep La Entrada alive.

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