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Declining Freight Traffic

Apparently with consumer spending down, a major shipper, Maersk has layed off 3,000 workers in it’s container division. The report in the LA Times states that 10 of the busiest container ports are in decline. So, why don’t we build another trade corridor?


The Latest News

The Big Bend Sentinel, again has done an excellent job of reporting the facts. The latest edition contains insightful articles by Fran Sage, a Guest Commentary by Mary Bell Lockhhart, Mr. NIMBY himself, Jack McNamara, and my local heroine, Sterry Butcher.

The articles are available on the Big Bend Sentinel website and on this blog.

Fran Sage has forward the attached june-28-2007-la-entrada-al-pacifico-or.doc on the latest of La Entrada featured in the Sentinel.

Mary Bell Lockhart of Alpine, has also contributed her opinion: mbh-letter-la-entrada.doc

Good News

The House has voted overwhelmingly to post pone the Bush pilot program that would allow Mexican trucks to drive further than the current 20 mile limit. I would like to see the actual safety inspection criteria used to inspect Mexican trucks that assure compliance to US standards. Will a Mexican truck be turner back should the tractor be shod with retreads?

The criteria for pilot program and safety inspection has been requested by non-profit, Public Citizen of the FMCSA ( Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) but so far the FMCSA has refused to comply. What’s up with that?

La Entrada in the News

It is not worthy economic development that sacrifices one economy for another. Proponents of La Entrada like to point out that expanded roads mean a benefit to tourism. This argument is a red herring. Most tourists that I talk to, come to the Big Bend Region to get away from the multi-lane highways and to experiance the vast remoteness.

This more big roads for tourism attitude is brought up again in a recent article. State Sen. Kel Seliger, R. Amarillo, representing Midland and Odessa states that “this type of economic development is not inconsistent with tourism because transportation benefits all forms of growth” in a Midland Reporter- Telegram article of April 15, 2007.

There is more coverage in the Odessa American that features interviews with local residents of Marfa and Alpine.