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Declining Freight Traffic

Apparently with consumer spending down, a major shipper, Maersk has layed off 3,000 workers in it’s container division. The report in the LA Times states that 10 of the busiest container ports are in decline. So, why don’t we build another trade corridor?


Truck Safety

The latest AP news concerning the proposed pilot program to allow Mexican Trucks to enter the United States, describes a law suit filed to delay the program. In the past a nonprofit group, Public Citizen has asked the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to provide the safety inspection criteria that will be applied to the Mexican trucks entering the United States. To my knowledge, this safety criteria has never been provided.

So what will the safety inspectors be looking at? Brakes, tires, signal lights? Who knows? Why all the secrecy?

Google Maps shows path of La Entreda al Pacifico

Google Maps has a new feature named My Maps and I have created a publicly available overview of the path of La Entrada al Pacifico.  It starts in Topolobampo, Sinaloa, Mexico and ends up in Lamesa, Texas.

You can view it here.

We’ll update it as we get more information.